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Green Roofing Systems produces green and ecological sedum roof matts.

Our vegetative matts are used in a large number of different kind of projects.They can be
used for roofing, green roundabouts, green sideways of motorways, trackways, between
lines and even for wall facades.

Our beautiful blooming matts offer a lot of advantages both economically and ecologically:

  • Clean Air – flora from roofs aspirates carbon dioxide (CO2) from the air and excretes
    oxygen. Additionally it captures dust from the air, different types of pollen and influences
    atmospheric moisture in the surrounding area.
  • Retain Water – sedum type roofs can retain even up to 80% of the rainfall, helping to
    manage water outflows and sewerage rain systems (it can be very beneficial in a big
    cities). The water is absorbed within the system and then gradually used by the flora, it’s
    excess slowly evaporates to the atmosphere.
  • Save Energy – sedum type roofs increase building insulation. During the summer flora
    protects from excessive building overheating and in the winter additionally protects from
    cold weather. As a result of that it leads to reduced energy costs when heating of the
    building is required.
  • Insulate Sounds – the green roof absorbs a lot of surrounding noise, the inside of a
    building simply becomes quiet. It is a very positive factor when the building is located near
    a bustling road, an airport, tracks or in the city center.
  • Improve Surrounding Microclimate
  • Extending Life Span of a Roof – green roofing extends life span of the roof by shielding it
    from UV light and direct exposure to extreme hot and cold temperatures. In most cases a
    green roofing extends life span of a roof by two to three times.
  • Green Roofs reduce fire risk of a building and significantly decrease speed of
    flames being spread out.
  • Nice and Aesthetic Look – sedum roofs are very spectacular and environment friendly.
    Additionally, green color has calming effect and reduces stress level. In the summer matts
    bloom colorfully, the visual effect then is even greater.
  • Little Care Required – sedum roofs require very small amount of care each year.
  • Immediate Effect – by installing the sedum matts we can acheive an immediate effect, a
    beautiful green roof in a short space of time.

A very important point for us is to plan each delivery in details. In most cases sedum matts
should be installed within 24 hours from the moment of their collection.

The standard size of a single matt is 1.20m x 2.00m
Other measurements are available on request.


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